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Card Games: An Integral Part Of Indian Festivities Since Years

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Card games play an integral part in Indian lives. Be it a marriage function or your cousin’s baby shower; card games are a must-play game for every occasion and festivities. A part of Indian customs and traditions for ages, card games have evolved, and online card games dominate most of the Indian audience. Not only are card games fun to play, but they can also be played between several people, which amplifies the excitement and thrill. Be it a gathering or recreational activity, card games have always been a savior.

Despite having diversified card games, some infamous ones are Rummy and Poker, which have established a common bonding. The way of playing might differ; however, the love for card games unites all card game lovers and brings them to one place to have a gala time. Check out these best card games to play with your friends and family during festivities and other joyous occasions.


Ingrained in Indian culture, Poker is a famous card game with a huge fan base among beginners and pros alike. Millennials might have learned to play Poker through the movies of James Bond; however, the horizon of Poker has increased. Now you can play online poker real money game and win exciting rewards. Poker can be dramatic and intense, with certain difficulties that you might come across at the table. The key to success in Poker is to identify the bluffs and concentrate on your strategies. One has to be on their edges and stay calm while playing Poker as it is more of a game of observation than a basic card game. You should meticulously calculate your odds and take calculated risks to ace in Poker. The game has no difficulty level but certainly has a casual or serious level where you can gauge your opponent’s moves.


Founded in the late 1700s, Solitaire is another popular card game that can be played in several variations- the Kings in the Corners being the favorite version of many people. In the old times, the game was played with a group of people or each person with their deck of cards. The game’s objective was to see who would win first, would be declared the ultimate winner. However, the current version of Solitaire has many variations and can be played with several other people.

On the brighter side, it is rumored that Napoleon Bonaparte, the great conqueror, used to play Solitaire while he was in exile. You would find many variations named after him; however, this rumor is too good to be true. Moreover, Solitaire has always been a popular PC game for many people; nevertheless, the online version has been revolutionized beyond expectations. There are various apps available with multiple versions of the game.

7 Wonders

7 Wonders is another popular card game with the objective of civilization-building with cards. In this game, each player has to take turns to play their share of the deck and concentrate on their age of civilization represented by the pile of cards laid in front of them. The game is simple to play and doesn’t require exquisite components. Moreover, you can make some changes in the deck and accommodate more people to have fun in the game. If you are looking for a card game to play with your family, 7 Wonders is the best option for you.

The game is built around fantasy where the players have to create civilizations and try their best to defend them between ages and wars and other exciting bits. The game looks promising, and an exciting military war between different civilizations is undoubtedly a prospect of delight for everyone.


Originally inspired by the Chinese tile game called mah-jong, Rummy is another popular card game that has been played since the 1700s. The game came into existence during the Great Depression when families had nothing to entertain themselves. Belonging to the family of card games, Rummy is a light-hearted card game that involves categorizing cards in a particular order, and the sole objective of the game is to be the first person to win five hundred points.

You have to play this game in rounds that will end with only one player holding no card. The fun in this game is that at the end, while the points are calculated, the person who has the most cards will lose most of their points. In simple words, the value of those cards would be deducted from your total score.


Spades is another easy, and popular card game loved and played in Indian households in almost every important function. Spades is a simple game to play with your family and teach your children the basics of card games. The game is best suited to be played with four people; however, it can be played with two or five people. The sole objective to win this game is to get more tricks than your opponents.

Moreover, the game is a team-based venture where people sitting across each other form a team and beat their opponent team. The game is ideal for a light-hearted card game during tea time or other social gatherings.


Another great addition to the list is that Cribbage involves a board that is ironic for a card game. The highest score is 121 points, and the objective is to keep a tab on the points of every player. The game is full of twists and turns and involves the players to play in three phases, and doesn’t involve any complications.

The game starts with every player getting six cards, out of which they have to discard two which are deposited into the crib. A perfect combination of extraordinary strategies and a pint of luck, Cribbage is an exciting game. Moreover, you should be quick in your decisions and formulate your strategy keeping in mind the cards you have discarded and in the hope of getting the best card when the game begins. 


Are you the Jack of all trades and master of none? These card games are ideal for every social gathering or event where you can shuffle the deck and start a fun game amongst the cheerful banter of your family or friends.

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