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Commando 3 2019 Full Movie Download

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The Mumbai Police officers arrest three young terror suspects and try to interrogate them but get no information. Karanveer Singh Dogra “Karan” (Vidyut Jammwal) is called to help the police, but one of the suspects kills himself. Upon investigating further, Karan learns the suspects received money and VHS tapes containing a terrorist’s message. Also, one of the suspects talks repeatedly about 9/11, which is decoded as an attack on India on the day of Diwali.

Further learning the recordings were shot by a camera in London, Karan decides to go undercover along with Bhavna Reddy (Adah Sharma), who assisted him on his previous mission. Posing as a married couple, they arrive in London where Mallika Sood (Angira Dhar), a British Intelligence officer, picks them up and takes them to their work station where another agent named Armaan Akhtar (Sumeet Thakur) assists them. On the other hand, the British Muslim terrorist Buraq Ansari (Gulshan Devaiah) forces his son Abeer (Atharva Vishwakarma) to watch him kill a man.

Abeer’s mother and Buraq’s ex-wife Zahira (Feryna Wazheir) wants to contact the police but is threatened by Buraq. Learning two Indian agents have arrived in London to capture him, Buraq enlists his agents’ help to track them while Karan and his team go through the same process to follow Buraq’s agents. While pursuing a suspect, Karan meets Zahira and Abeer and soon gets involved in a bike chase with the suspect, resulting in the latter’s accidental death.

Karan retrieves his phone and answers Buraq’s call, further telling him he would soon visit the dead suspect’s house. Karan and the team arrive at the home, but outside it is stopped by Buraq’s goons. A fight breaks out, resulting in Karan getting thrown out of the house by an explosion. The video goes viral, and so does Bhavna’s tweet supporting Karan.

It is soon revealed to be a part of Karan’s plan when he releases a video challenging Buraq without disclosing his identity. When Buraq’s DNA matches a murder suspect, Karan and his team rush to Buraq’s restaurant but find him gone. Realizing he would have gone to pick up his son from school, Karan arrives there and challenges him before the latter disappears. Back in Mumbai, the two suspects are reformed by a Muslim saint.

Buraq is unwilling to let go of his son and soon finds himself exposed when Karan holds a press conference with Abeer and Zahira. While the mother and son are being escorted safely to India’s airport, Buraq’s henchmen attack the vehicles. Bhavna is knocked out in the crash while Karan and Mallika fight off the henchmen. However, Zahira and Abeer are kidnapped, and Mallika is informed about Buraq’s surrender. Karan tries to interrogate him but ends up using force, due to which he and Bhavna are ordered to leave England within 24 hours or face deportation.

Buraq is freed due to making a deal with the BI; he gives them evidence for a previous attack in exchange for his freedom. On his way to a safe house, Buraq asks the officers to stop at a mosque so that he can pray. He switches places with one of his henchmen and kills Zahira. Realizing the attack would be not on Diwali, Karan decides to continue alone but is joined by his team.

Through Abeer’s tablet, the safe house is located and attacked by Karan and the group. Following the fight that leaves all the henchmen dead, Karan injects Buraq and takes him away as he is unconscious. Bhavna and Mallika rescue Abeer, while Karan is safely picked up by his agency’s helicopter and escorted to India’s cargo ship. With minimal time remaining for the attacks, Karan and the police try to find the targeted cities.

Decoding “ALLAH” spoken repeatedly by Buraq, Karan finds the targeted towns and releases a video requesting India’s Muslims to understand the value of religious unity. When Muslims gear up to face the terrorists, they are joined by the police officers, and terrorists are arrested. Karan kills Buraq and hands over Abeer to the dead suspect’s father.


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