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Despicable Me 3 Full Movie Download in Hindi

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Married Anti-Villain League agents Gru and Lucy Wilde are sent to stop Balthazar Bratt (a former child actor turned supervillain after his show “Evil Bratt” was cancelled when he reached puberty) from stealing the Dumont diamond. Gru recovers the diamond, but Bratt escapes. Displeased, Director Valerie Da Vinci, taking former Director Silas Ramsbottom’s place, dismisses Gru and Lucy from the AVL.

When Gru and Lucy return home, they tell their adopted children Margo, Edith, and Agnes of their dismissal, but assure them they will soon have new jobs. When Gru refuses to return to being a supervillain, and his assistant Dr. Nefario is frozen in carbonite, most of his Minions, led by Mel, abandon him to find new jobs. Dave and Jerry stay behind, but the rest of the Minions have several misadventures throughout the film, eventually landing in jail.

A butler named Fritz arrives at Gru’s home with an invitation from Gru’s long-lost twin Dru, who lives in a distant country named Freedonia. The family travels to meet Dru, and are surprised by his immense wealth and massive mansion. Fritz attributes this success to their large pig farming business.

Meanwhile, Bratt steals the diamond again, intending to use it to power a giant robot that will destroy Hollywood in revenge for the cancellation of “Evil Bratt”. Dru reveals to Gru that their deceased father was a supervillain known as “the Bald Terror”, whose villainous activities and technological advances are the real source of the family’s wealth. Dru wants Gru to teach him how to become a villain, but Gru refuses to revert to his old ways. While Lucy struggles with her new tasks as a mother, Dru and Gru become closer, especially after joyriding in their father’s high-tech vehicle.

Gru and Dru decide to steal the diamond; however, Gru secretly intends to bring it to the AVL to convince Da Vinci to rehire him and Lucy. They narrowly escape with the diamond and are rescued by Lucy. Dru, finding out Gru’s true motives, is hurt that Gru lied to him about teaching him to be a villain. In return, Gru insults Dru’s incompetence and declares he will leave Freedonia and end their relationship.

Bratt, disguised as Lucy, kidnaps the children, and once again acquires the diamond. Gru and Dru put aside their differences and pursue him after realizing the deception. With his robot powered by the diamond, Bratt terrorizes Hollywood, covering it in superpowered bubble gum in hopes of lifting the city into outer space.

Lucy rescues the girls as Bratt attempts to kill Gru with the robot’s laser. Dru manages to break into the robot and power it down from the inside, nearly dying in the process. Bratt confronts Gru, who challenges him to a dance fight, eventually stealing Bratt’s weaponized keytar and defeating him with it. The Minions, having escaped jail, reunite with Gru. Dru and Gru also reconcile.

Gru and Lucy are reinstated into the AVL. The newly united family celebrates in Gru’s home, and Lucy bonds with the girls and acknowledges them as her daughters. Dru, along with most of the Minions, steals Gru’s aircraft and flies away. Gru and Lucy decide to give them a five-minute head-start before engaging pursuit.


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