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Dev Full Movie Download

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Dev Ramalingam(Karthi), whose family lives and owns a business in India, is a wealthy adventure-loving young man that is always in pursuit of new adventures. Dev always takes his best friends Vicky(RJ Vignesh) and Nisha(Amrutha Srinivasan) on adventures around the world. Vicky, however, wants to lead a normal life and always tries to avoid accompanying Dev on their thrill seeking trips. Vicky has a feeling that once Dev is busy with a full time job or at least an active love life, he might not be keen on bothering him anymore.

Vicky engages in hot pursuit of potential girlfriends for Dev and comes across Meghna Padmavati(Rakul Preet Singh ), who lives in the United States and is the CEO for a San Francisco startup. Dev is intrigued by Meghna, so he obliges to Vicky’s pleas and sends her a friend request on Facebook. He is reluctant to stalk a girl in this day and age, but his friends encourage him to do so anyway. As fate would have it, he eventually finds her in India on an official visit.

He throws away his ethics and tries to woo her, but Meghna finds it difficult to trust men due to the childhood trauma she experienced when her parents divorced, leaving her and her mother Padmavati(Ramya Krishnan) to fend for themselves. She is rude to Dev and brushes off his advances, but eventually understands that Dev is a very decent man and is mildly interested in him. On an impromptu cross country road trip, the two fall in love, despite Meghna’s insecurities.

Dev reassures her that he will be there for her no matter what. It so happens that after Dev reaches home, his father Ramalingam(Prakash Raj), gives him control over a new business venture that he is initiating and Dev agrees to take care of it. While Dev is busy with work, he unintentionally avoids communicating with Meghna for a couple of days. Meghna’s insecurities creep up on her and she is filled with rage and betrayal, and breaks up with Dev immediately.

Dev tries to convince Meghna but she ignores him and leaves the country. Dev is shaken by Meghna’s actions and meets with an accident, which leaves him critically injured. He recovers from his injuries and, with his father’s advice and motivation, tries to come out of his heartbreak. He eventually trains for the Everest summit trekking, which was his lifetime goal.

While on the trek, an avalanche hits the basecamp he is headed for. The authorities are unable to find Dev or his location and he is feared dead. Meghna watches this on the news and realizes that she is still in love with him and tries to reach Dev. Meanwhile, Dev escapes the avalanche unscathed and continues his climb towards the summit in dangerous conditions. He reaches the summit and becomes unconscious due to exhaustion, but the Indian authorities rescue him on time.

When Dev wakes up, he finds that it was Meghna who reached him on time with the authorities. They reconcile, and it is shown that they now have twin babies whom they are taking on their newest adventures.


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