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How to Find the Best Neurosurgeon?

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Has your primary care doctor suspected or found a potential condition or disease that involves your nerves, spinal cord or brain? Well, that means you will be required to visit a neurosurgeon in Kolkata to gain a better understanding of what is going on within your body. 

We know that hearing the word neurosurgeon can raise worrisome thoughts in one’s mind – which is totally expected. But, you must know that a neurosurgeon can open doors of possibilities and guide you to the right path. 

In this blog, we will help you with tricks to find the best neurosurgeon, so you or your loved one can gain the right treatment possible.

1- Get referrals

Start by using the referral list provided by your primary health care provider. You can even ask family, friends, colleagues and neighbours, along with other health care providers, for recommendations. 

Also, take some time to research the credential and experience of the doctors suggested to you. Call each neurosurgeon’s office to narrow down your list. You can even request a consult appointment to further interview the neurosurgeon. 

2- Research the neurosurgeon’s credentials 

While you look for a neurosurgeon, board certification is the most important thing you must consider. A proper certification tells you whether the doctor has the necessary training, skills and experience to offer reliable healthcare in neurological surgery. 

You can even cross-check for any history of malpractice claims. 

The information gathered in this research phase can be used to start a discussion while interviewing the doctor in person.

3- Consider the neurosurgeon’s experience 

Experience of the specialist matters, especially when you need to undergo surgery for your nerves, nervous system or brain. 

The more experience a surgeon has, the better the outcome of the surgery will be. So, never hesitate from asking the surgeon about how many procedures he/she has performed in the past. You can even ask about complication rates along with your own risk of complications.

4- Research the hospital quality

Considering the quality of the care provided at the hospital is a must. This is because patients at top-rated hospitals face fewer complications and have better survival rates. They have the latest equipment to offer proper treatment. 

You can even consider the location of the hospital if that is important to you. Consider how often will you and your family require making trips back and forth to the hospital.

5- Evaluate the communication style
It is always best to work with a neurosurgeon who makes you feel comfortable and less anxious. A reliable surgeon will always support your information needs, keep you informed about the procedure, what to expect, recovery period, caring process, etc. 

In simple terms, find a neurosurgeon who shows an interest in getting to know you, will respect your decisions and will consider your treatment preference instead of imposing. 

Signing off

Finding the best neurosurgeon is crucial for getting the right treatment for your health concern. So, consider the tips suggested above to locate the best neurosurgeon in Kolkata and obtain reliable guidance at the right time. 

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