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How to Score 90+ in CBSE Class 12 Hindi Core

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Language subjects are known to be significantly difficult to score well in, Hindi being no different. It is even more difficult to perform well if you have been studying in an English medium school. However, if you make sure to hit the nail on the basics of your preparation for these, you should be really assured that you are going to score well. 

As the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has majorly changed the class 12 syllabus and pattern for the batch of 2021-22, here we have devised the perfect strategy to do well in the exams keeping in mind all the changes that have taken place. So we recommend you scroll down and read properly if you are going to give the Hindi Core CBSE Class12 board exam and want to attain a score of 90+.

Cover the Syllabus wholly

As the syllabus has been updated for the 2021-22 batch and the exams are now going to be held term-wise, we recommend going through the official CBSE website to check the syllabus instead of trusting random sources on the internet. Most of the content and strategies online are devised keeping in mind the old pattern so make sure to make a new strategy for yourself after thoroughly going through the syllabus for both terms.

Select your books wisely

CBSE prescribes 4 books for class 12 Hindi, ie, the Antra Bhag-2 (अन्तरा भाग-२), the Vitan Bhag-2 (वितान भाग-२), the Aroh Bhag-2 (आरोह भाग-२), and the Antral Bhag-2 (अंतराल भाग-२).

We strongly suggest covering the NCERT books suggested by the CBSE first and foremost. As there is not much practice required in language subjects, it is not needed to have a reference book. However, it would prove helpful to have a guide like FullMarks as some of the questions inside the NCERT books can be quite difficult and there is not much help available online for class 12 Hindi. 

You can get the soft copies of the NCERTs from their official website and can also buy them offline if you want to. Check out the NCERT Book PDF for Class 12 Hindi Aroh if you do not want to go through all that trouble of finding the legit link.

Focus Extra on the Literature Section

We recommend reading the chapters at least twice while also noting down the important events. The poems can also turn out to be a pain in the head so make sure to read them again and again thoroughly to figure out the deeper meanings from the extracts. Do NOT try to remember the content as it will only do you harm. 

Have a quick revision of the notes of important events and other things you made during covering the chapters one day before the exam, this will help you recall all the stories and the poems and will definitely help you ace the literature section of your class 12 Hindi board exam.

If you cover all the above advice diligently, you should be expected to score more than 90% in the literature section at least with ease.

Practice a LOT for Writing Section

This is probably going to be the east scoring section of your exam. So you need to practice a lot of questions here to maximize your output during the examination. 

Most important thing is to learn and remember the formats of different writing skills as these will be the most scoring parts. Even if you write absolute garbage, you can secure 50% marks by just nailing down the formats. Look at all the example answers and try to analyze the formats used there. You can also look at previous year’s topper’s answer sheet to take note of the formats they might have used.

After nailing down the format, the next thing to do to ace your writing section in the class 12 CBSE Hindi board exam would be to actually improve your writing skills.  This will only come with practicing lots of different sample questions and also reading their given answers thoroughly and picking different things from different answers to make your skills the best mold of all the other people’s skills.

Grammar Section

This is going to be another section that is comparatively difficult to score well in. The major performance determining factor of this section will be your personal understanding of the subject. So we suggest you clear your concepts and gain a good grip of the language first before starting to practice example questions. Once you feel confident enough in the language and you believe that your fundamentals are brilliant, you need to solve as many examples as possible in the remaining time. While Grammar is undoubtedly a difficult section to score marks in any language subject, it is very much possible to score a 90+ here in your CBSE Class 12 Hindi board exam with even half-decent preparation.

Final Tips

To enhance your comprehension skills, just practice a few sample papers and that should not be difficult at all. Make sure to have a calm and composed mind during writing the exam and manage your time properly. We suggest attempting the writing section first and getting done with it as soon as possible, as it is going to take up a major chunk of your time.

CBSE prepares the class 12 board Hindi exam using only the NCERT books suggested in the section above so it is very important to complete them.

Solve as many mock papers as you can in the final days before your exam. Above everything else, it is most important to have confidence and belief in yourself, if anyone else can do it, you can also do it. It is also important to not get too overconfident if you are performing well in the mock tests and stay humble. Never hesitate to ask for help in case you are ever in doubt, be it from your teachers, your parents, or even your friends. WE hope that this article on scoring 90+ in the CBSE class 12 Hindi exam will help you personally.

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