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Importance of learning

Must read

” Reading is the gateway skill that makes all other learning possible.” – Barack Obama.

Reading is a very important practice for all of us. Along with academic growth, reading also helps in the mental and psychological growth of a person. With each reading subject, you learn and explore more. For learners, reading is very important for proper learning and studies. Whether a young child or a senior secondary student, reading is equally important for all.

Importance of reading

Reading provides us several benefits to learn and hold command of the languages we use in our everyday lives. English and Hindi are widely used in the education process. Let us discuss the main advantages of reading.

1. Enhance imagination and creativity. 

Reading is a great exercise to practice. Reading interesting texts, novels, magazines, comics, newspapers, and any other content of your choice helps to enhance and reinforce your imagination and creativity. In this way, students can become more creative and skillful.

The characters, storylines, plot, framing, structure, and approach of the stories catch the attention of the readers and help them to imagine in different ways.

“A book is a device to ignite the imagination.” – Alan Bennett

This means that the habit of reading will help you explore more and seek more knowledge. The things that we don’t imagine normally can be done with the help of reading and exploring different material available to us.

2. Improves Attention and concentration.

The textbooks available in traditional learning, and online material provided by the best app for online teaching helps to improve the concentration and focusing ability of the students. Thorough reading helps to get a better understanding of the concepts and the chapters of your course. Reading is a very constructive and productive exercise to perform.

In receiving efficient education, along with listening to the teachers, reading the content by oneself plays a very important role. Sometimes with reading only, the work of memorizing gets shortened. This is because when you read, you relate to the topics and the things automatically get clear in your mind. This way, the need for memorizing is also reduced.

3. Better vocabulary, and communication skills.

While reading you see different words, and phrases that add a lot to your existing vocabulary. Reading is the best way to enhance and strengthen your vocabulary. With new words and phrases, you can make your write-ups, answers, and other written stuff very interesting and eye-catching. Constant reading also helps in the reduction of grammatical errors and punctuations which students make quite often.

When you read and learn new words on an everyday basis, you start using them in the vocal form as well. This way your communication skills also improve. In today’s time, the way to speak and communicate matters a lot. To create a positive impact and image on other people, good communication skills are a must to have. Reading practice will surely help you in this process.

4. Broaden your knowledge

When you read the different material, you gather more information. This process expands your knowledge about various topics. The more you read, the more knowledge you collect. This also increases your brain efficiency. Other than your syllabus knowledge, you also get to learn about different aspects of society, cultures, norms, people, their experiences, discoveries, inventions, and much more.

For students of higher education, this is very helpful. You gather a lot of general knowledge and current affairs. This helps you with the preparation for competitive and entrance exams. It helps you to stay updated with what’s happening around you and in the world. So indulging the reading habit in your schedules is very necessary.

Reading exercise in a virtual classroom.

Reading is an important practice when it comes to learning efficiently. In virtual classrooms, this can be practiced and encouraged among students too. Let us discuss some ways by which it is conducted in online learning. All the instructors can follow this for how to teach online the procedure of reading.

  • Turn by turn reading exercises can be conducted by teachers. The best app for online teaching provides the facility of live sessions. In this live learning, teachers should make students read the chapters turn by turn. This way they will read and as well as will remain attentive in the class. It is a great technique for interactive and attentive learning.
  • Reading tests or assessments can also be organized by the teachers. This way students will take reading seriously and also practice it responsibly. You can also give scores on the class performance and reading skills of the students. The lenient students who give less attention to reading practice will also take it seriously when it will be a matter of marks for them.
  • The process of reading aloud the important things can also be done. Teachers can randomly ask any student to read a particular topic or paragraph. Students will pay better attention to the classes as they never know whose name will be called out for reading. Reading the important information will help students to remember it for the future.

Along with it, the facility to access ebooks on the online apps is also available to the students. They can read it anytime and anywhere as per their time and convenience. The above-mentioned ways will surely help how to teach online properly.


All the above-mentioned advantages show us that education is very important for every student who wants to achieve a proper education in his or her life. The benefits of reading are not only limited to this. There is much more provided to us. Good command of the language, a great stream for motivation, gaining experiences, a great source of entertainment, are the other advantages of reading.

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