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Is QNET a Job? 

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Interest in direct selling opportunities is on the rise globally. Is QNET a job? No, the business of QNET’s direct selling is not a job or employment opportunity. It’s an opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to own and grow their business by promoting QNET’s products and services via the company’s e-commerce-powered platform.

The people who enjoy using and selling QNET products are not employees of the company. Instead, independent representatives run their businesses via a virtual hub and are given an e-wallet to collect weekly commissions. “Those are calculated based on product sales they and their team have generated the previous week,” said a company spokesperson. “One of the things that sets the company apart is our weekly commission payout cycle. Independent representatives can earn weekly as opposed to monthly.”

Independent representatives aren’t hired or selected by QNET. In direct selling, sales networks are built based on existing distributors’ relationships. The company is not directly involved in presenting the business opportunity to prospective distributors. Instead, QNET focuses on providing great products and a complete ecosystem of support to those who choose to become independent representatives. QNET offers marketing and business tools, training programs, customer support, shipping and handling, a mobile app, and a virtual office to help IRs manage their business from the palm of their hand.  

Direct Selling Is a Global Phenomenon

According to a recent report, the direct selling market is expected to grow to $510.39 billion by 2026 at a compound annual growth rate of 2.3%. The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham), the direct selling industry in India, achieved $2,169 million in 2021. In addition, the industry has a robust global presence and active distributor communities across Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe, Latin America, North America, and the Middle East. 

QNET has customers and independent representatives spanning nearly 100 countries. ”Our distributors are present in many different regions around the world, which is why we offer a diverse portfolio to suit different demographics,” says the company’s CEO Malou Caluza. “We work with international vendors to design unique, high-quality, advanced-technology products that are only available at the direct selling company.” 

The vast majority of available products are designed to better the lives of customers. Caluza is not just the CEO of the company, but also a devotee of its product offerings. She said she’s personally a fan of the direct selling company’s home care products. “I am a cancer survivor, and it is really important to me to use products in the home that will keep me and my family safe and healthy. The company has a fantastic water purification system that runs without electricity. And an air purifier. And recently, we launched a completely natural weight-management product.”

The World Federation of Direct Selling Association’s 2019/2020 report explained that nearly 120 million people from all walks of life are part of the direct selling industry, generating up to $180.5 billion in sales. 

Caluza is in good company since, according to the WFDSA, more than 74% of direct selling distributors globally are women. So what attracts women to the industry? Flexibility is an enticing feature of direct selling and allows women to manage running their own businesses while still meeting family commitments. 

“In my two decades with QNET, I have witnessed so many women, especially from developing countries, who have truly taken charge of and transformed their lives by building a successful direct selling business. And in almost all cases, they tell us that the best thing they got from the experience is not the financial reward, but the personal growth,” said Caluza. “Direct selling is truly an industry where gender or background does not dictate one’s success; hard work and a passion for building relationships with people is the most integral part of our distributors’ success stories.”

Is QNET a Job?

Direct selling is a sales channel used by companies to promote their products outside of a physical retail location directly to the end consumer. It primarily relies on word-of-mouth promotion from existing users. “When the pandemic lockdown forced social distancing and long periods of isolation, the direct selling industry took a hit in the initial days of the pandemic. However, this industry has always proven to be resilient and adaptable,” explained the CEO.

“In some ways, direct selling is an evolution of the traveling salesmen from the early 1900s,” added Caluza. “The direct selling business was the original gig economy business before tech companies made this form of flexible employment opportunities popular in recent years. Many businesses worldwide use the direct selling business model to promote unique products and services in categories such as wellness and nutrition, personal and beauty care, and home care products.” 

The direct selling industry can be beneficial to the entire community. “In addition to product sourcing, direct selling companies also work with a number of other small businesses as part of the supply chain, including logistics and warehousing,” said Caluza. “So, in addition to enabling people to become entrepreneurs and build their own business, direct selling companies also support a number of other small and local businesses.”

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