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Know all about humidor solution

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Purchasing a cigar humidor is not enough to save your cigars and remain them fresh for longer. Don’t just purchase a humidor, and putting cigars in it can give you great results. It would be best to have a proper humidor care cleaning routine to give your cigars a good environment. You should need to use a humidor solution for it. Multiple companies provide humidor solution services to keep our humidors good in working, but you need to find the best one according to your choice. In this article, we are going to talk all about humidor solutions. I know that there are a lot of questions in your mind, but I assure you to clear all your misconceptions after reading this complete article. So, start scrolling down and read this entire article. Let’s get a start;

What is a humidor solution?

A humidor solution is a liquid used to service your humidor at least twice a year. This maintenance service can also be done by distilled water, but a humidor solution is preferable as it is specifically designed for this purpose. These humidor solutions are the premixed form, which means you can use them directly as it is ready to use. With this humidor solution, you don’t need to control its temperature. Like thermometer and hygrometer, humidor solution has the same importance.   

What is the humidor solution made up of?

A combination makes a humidor solution of distilled water and propylene glycol, making your humidor run at an optimal humidity level. With this solution, you can use it for six months without any worry and activate it after six months. 

This humidor solution can control moisture and keep your cigars fresh and wholly aromatic for months. A one-time solution can save your cigars for five to six months easily. 

Do I need a humidor solution to maintain the humidity level?

Obviously, yes, if you are a cigar lover and want to keep your cigars safe and fresh for a long time, you should use acrylic humidor solution instead of distilled water because it can over humidify the interior and become hard to maintain. 

Suppose you have a humidifier with a sponge inside it. In that case, the solution is compulsory to clean its interior and maintain the temperature accordingly without worrying about the outside temperature. 

Which humidor solution is best for you?

First, I want to clarify that the humidor solutions are made with a non-toxic formula, never to damage your cigars. Multiple humidor manufacturing brands also provide humidor solutions at very affordable prices to keep your cigars safe for longer. 

As all the brands use the same formula for humidor solutions, you can purchase any of them. It’s better to check the customer reviews and product details before buying it. 

These humidor solutions are not as expensive as anyone can easily afford them to regulate the humidity level. 

The final thoughts 

That’s all about this article. I hope you enjoyed this reading and am happy to clear all your doubts and misconceptions. This reading discussed the humidor solution, its benefits, and prices. If you love cigars, then this solution works as the soul for it, so don’t deny it and focus on the maintenance and working of your humidor. You can purchase its solution both online and market. Make sure to check the expiry date of the solution also. Amazon also gives you a facility to buy it from there. So, why are you standing here? Purchase a humidor solution and make your humidor’s work more efficient. 

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