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Max Steel Full Movie Download in Hindi

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Teenager Max McGrath moves with his mother Molly to the town of Copper Canyon, where he had been born and where his father Jim McGrath had died in a supposed storm. In his first few days at school, he realizes that almost everyone in town knows more about Jim than he does because his mother refuses to talk about Jim’s past or death. During dinner with Jim’s friend Miles Edwards, Max learns that his father worked for N-TEK, an advanced research company now run by Miles.

Concurrently after arriving, Max discovers he emits a unique form of tachyonic energy called TURBO which is powerful enough to overload any electrical item but has no control over when he emits this energy. After sensing an overload during a date with Sofia, Max encounters an amnesiac alien creature named Steel who symbiotically bonds with Max to absorb the energy.

Finding themselves being chased by mysterious men, Max takes Steel to his high school to hide and finds himself opening up emotionally to him for the first time in his life. Max learns to control and harness his powers, including linking with Steel into a suit of armor. Whilst linked, Max starts to see his father’s life through flashbacks shared with Steel and learns A race called the Ultralinks with the power to manipulate the elements launched an attack on N-TEK.

In search of answers, Max goes to visit Miles at N-TEK, who explains that Jim was working on creating a generator capable of creating an unlimited source of power, and suggests that Jim died in an accident caused by not following safety procedures. Feeling another energy spike, Max finds solace but is soon caught in a powerful storm, which he realizes is an Ultralink.

Working together, Max and Steel defeat the Ultralink and to their shock, find it looks identical to Steel. Another flashback hints that Steel was responsible for Jim’s death, causing Max to lash out at Steel and walk away.

Max discovers Molly is missing, and borrowing Sofias car calls Miles who reveals he is aware of the Ultralinks, and that Molly was kidnapped as a trap for Max at the old N-TEK Facility where Jim died. Max goes to the facility and finds Steel captured, where he has a flashback that shows the truth, who reveals that Jim McGrath was an alien who naturally generated TURBO, and Steel was his partner.

The Power Generator was a machine designed to harness and focus his natural energy, however, Miles became addicted to infusing the TURBO into himself for the power it gave him, and allied with the Ultralinks to absorb Jim’s energy for himself. Jim overloads the core, but his final words are telling Steel to find and protect Max at all costs.

Edwards entraps Max, having created a suit of armor that drains TURBO, seeking to harvest his tachyonic energy for himself. Learning to use his armored form as Max Steel, Max fights Edwards aided by the mysterious men, revealed to be an N-TEK Special Forces Squad who were working for Miles to find Steel, but are now working for Molly (as majority shareholder of the company).

Working together, Max and Steel generate so much energy that Miles is unable to absorb it, overloading him in a massive explosion. Molly reveals that after Jim’s death, she feared the Ultralinks would come after Max so she constantly moved until Miles suggested they move back to Copper Canyon in case Max started to emit TURBO. Max apologizes to Sofia for his behavior and makes a date for that night, and then goes for a fly in the armor with Steel’s assistance.

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