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Mission Impossible Full Series Download in Hindi

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Jim Phelps and his latest Impossible Missions Force (IMF) team, who had just finished another mission in Kiev, are sent to Prague to stop rogue agent Alexander Golitsyn from stealing the CIA non-official cover (NOC) list. However, the mission unexpectedly fails when the list is stolen, Phelps is apparently killed along with Golitsyn and the rest of the team in various incidents, leaving Ethan Hunt as the sole survivor.

While IMF director Eugene Kittridge debriefs him, Hunt realizes that another IMF team is present watching him, and learns that the mission was a setup to lure out a mole within the IMF, who is believed to be working with an arms dealer known as “Max” as part of “Job 314.” Hunt, realizing Kittridge suspects him of being the mole as he is the only survivor, escapes by using exploding chewing gum given to him by another agent before the mission.

After returning to the Prague safe house, Hunt realizes “Job 314” actually refers to Bible verse Job 3:14, “Job” being the mole’s code name. Claire arrives at the safe house, explaining that she escaped the car bombing after Phelps aborted the mission.

Hunt arranges a meeting with the arms dealer Max in order to warn her that the NOC list she has is fake and equipped with a tracking device. Max chooses to believe him and they escape together just as Kittridge and the other IMF team, following the tracking device, raid Max’s apartment. Hunt promises Max that he can give her the real list in return for $10 million and Job’s identity.

Hunt and Claire recruit two disavowed IMF agents: hacker Luther Stickell and helicopter pilot Franz Krieger. They infiltrate CIA headquarters in Langley, steal the real list while narrowly avoiding detection, and escape to London. Kittridge retaliates by having Hunt’s mother and uncle falsely arrested for drug trafficking. After learning about their arrests, Hunt contacts him from a payphone, intentionally allowing the IMF to trace the call and alerting them to his location. After the call, he is unexpectedly confronted by Jim Phelps. Phelps recounts surviving the shooting, naming Kittridge as the mole.

Hunt, however, already discovered that Phelps is the mole, having discovered the Bible he has been using to communicate with Max having a Gideons stamp that Phelps took from Chicago’s Drake Hotel during a previous assignment known to Hunt’s team. Hunt, pretending to believe Phelps, pieces together how he betrayed and killed his teammates. Hunt later arranges with Max to exchange the list aboard the TGV train to Paris, while also inviting Kittridge to the meeting.

On the train, Hunt directs Max to the list. Max verifies it and sends Hunt to the baggage car where the money and Job are located. Meanwhile, Stickell uses a jamming device to prevent Max from uploading the list to her servers.

Claire reaches the baggage car, finds Phelps, and reveals that she was working with him all along as a co-conspirator, betraying Hunt. However, Phelps reveals himself to be Hunt in disguise. When the real Phelps arrives and takes the money at gunpoint, Hunt puts on a pair of video glasses that shows Phelps alive to Kittridge and exposing him as the mole. Phelps attempts to shoot Hunt, but kills Claire instead when she tries to talk him out of it.

Phelps then climbs to the roof of the train where Krieger is waiting with a helicopter to assist with his escape. As Phelps attempts to climb on to the helicopter using a tether, Hunt connects the tether to the train, preventing Krieger from flying away and forcing the helicopter into the Channel Tunnel.

While in the tunnel, Hunt attaches explosive chewing gum on the helicopter windshield, destroying it, killing Krieger and Phelps. Kittridge confronts Max and recovers the NOC list from Stickell. As he and Stickell are reinstated back in the IMF, Hunt is unsure about returning to the team, but on the flight home, an attendant, through a coded phrase, asks him if he wants to take on a new mission.



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