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Netlify Raises $105M in Series D at a $2B Valuation – WiggersVenturebeat

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The California-based company Netlify offers Platform as a Service that enables building, deploying, and hosting websites and apps. The enterprise recently raised $105 million in a Series D round that was led by Bessemer Venture Partners as per wiggersventurebeat. The client base of the startup includes giants like Google, Facebook, NBC, Samsung, Verizon, Cisco, Nike, Atlassian, Peloton, Citrix, and many others. Alongside the fresh funding, Netlify has even acquired OneGraph, which is a tool for creating integrations with third-party services.      

Founded in the year 2014, the company even offers hosting for websites whose files are stored in the control system Git. Further, it generates web content files served via a content delivery network. Netlify moves away from the monolithic web apps and decouples architecture. This separates the frontend user interface from the backend business logic. This approach is more open and accessible for developers. The impressive business model of Netlify is proving really helpful for the companies during the pandemic when differentiated user experience on the web is the need of the hour. Whether an enterprise is looking to develop an ecommerce site, software-as-a-service app, or a marketing campaign, Netlify has got everything covered. It helps enterprises deliver the most competitive, performative, and personalized web experiences.

OneGraph, the recent acquisition of Netlify, was launched in 2018. It offers a GraphQL service, an open source data query, and language for APIs, that connects software-as-a-service APIs. Furthermore, GraphQL enables web browsers to define both the data structure required for apps or websites as well as the data structure returned from the server. With the fresh raise, Netlify has announced a $1 million investment in open source project sponsorship, contributions, and promotion. The company aims to invest $10 million in emerging companies to fuel up the gen-next innovation for the web. As stated by Christian Bach, their goal is to advance the modern web by investing and promoting innovation via the Jamstack ecosystem.

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