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The Best Way to Learn R Programming

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So you have decided to dive head-first into R programming. May be you have heard how this powerful language is proving useful in many modern-day fields like data analysis, machine learning, data visualization, statistics, and business intelligence. Though R language was originally developed for statistical programming, it is established as one of the most popular languages in data science. 

When you start exploring the ways to learn R basics, the common options you will come across are taking a university program, local institute, books, online tutorials, or online training courses. Well, the first two options are ruled out if you are a working professional and cannot take out extra time to attend classes at a physical location. Now if you want to start your career in data science, you don’t need a typical textbook introduction to R. You not only need to learn the fundamentals of R, but also need to understand how R is used to solve real-world problems. So, the best way to learn R programming is by taking an online training course. 

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Contrary to universities where you know which ones are the best, you may not be familiar with reputed online training platforms. Also, you will be skeptical about paying for a course when you don’t know anything about R and whether the course will fulfill your learning needs or not. So, this article makes you aware of the top free online courses that will help you build a strong foundation in R programming. As R is widely used in data science, some of the courses teach you how R is used in data science. 

Let’s dive in!

Data Science with R Programming 

Training Platform – SkillUp by Simplilearn 

This free course by Simplilearn is your one-stop solution to become an expert in data structures, data exploration, and data visualization. The program helps you understand the fundamentals of R programming along with concepts like statistics, classification, regression analysis, and clustering. You will get access to 6-hours of in-depth learning modules and upon completion, you will also be awarded a certificate. The program is ideal for data scientists, IT professionals, data analysts, and software developers. 

Some of the top skills this data science with R programming course covers are business analytics, apply functions, DPLYR function, graphics in R, and hypothesis testing. 

R Programming A-Z: R For Data Science With Real Exercises 

Training Platform – Udemy 

One of the best-selling courses on Udemy, this program helps you learn how to program in R at a good level, the core principles of programming, create variables, and work with various R functions. The instructor will take you through using R Studio, creating vectors in R, working with financial data in R, building and using matrices in R, installing packages, statistical data, and the law of Large Numbers. 

The course syllabus is divided into 8 sections with 82 lectures with a total time of around 11 hours. The program helps you learn through live examples, and is packed with real-life analytical challenges which you need to solve. The program has been designed for all skill levels, even if you have no programming or statistical background. 

Learn R 

Training Platform – Codecademy 

Get acquainted with the fundamental concepts of R programming with this course by Codecademy. You will learn how to organize, modify and clean data frames in R. Then, you will move on to creating data visualizations to showcase insights in data. Finally, you will become familiar with statistics and hypothesis testing that will lead your way to becoming a data analysis expert. The program includes 20 hours of comprehensive training modules, and no prior coding knowledge is required to take the course. 

Data frames, data cleaning, data visualization with ggplot2, aggregate functions in R, joining tables, variance and standard deviation, and descriptive statistics are the important topics covered in the program. 

R for Data Science 

Training Platform – Cognitive Class

Cognitive Class by IBM offers this R course to help you learn how to write an R code, data structures in R, and creating your own functions. Throughout this 6 hours of in-depth training, you will come across a number of important R concepts like variables and strings, vector operations, arrays, matrices, dataframes, functions, objects and classes, and debugging. Further, you will learn about reading CSV and Excel files, writing and storing data objects to file in R, string operations in R, regular expressions, and dates in R. 

This course is beginner-friendly, free, self-paced and can be taken at any time. Take the first step into your data science journey by solving hands-on exercises offered with the course. 

R Essential Training: Wrangling and Visualizing Data 

Training Platform – LinkedIn Learning 

Enroll in this training series to get a thorough introduction to R, with detailed instruction for installing and navigating R and RStudio and hands-on examples. You will explore how to get R and popular R packages up and running and start to import, clean, and transform data for analysis. Additionally, you will understand how to build interactive visualizations like histograms, bar charts, and scatterplots using R language. Finally, you will learn to transform categorical, qualitative, and outlier data that best meet your research questions and the requirements of your algorithms.    

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