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Trending Design Themes For Toddler’s Nursery

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When it comes to narrowing down on what type of furniture you’d want in your toddler’s room, color or theme is one of the most significant factors that is overlooked.  Having too much stuff in the room or using bright and gaudy colors can have a negative effect and overstimulate your child but soft, soothing colors will have a relaxing impact. Although it is beneficial for newborns to have bright toys—many experts believe that young children enjoy anything that sparkles, lights, or flashes—their walls should be a soothing color. Having the right color scheme in your child’s nursery can even help put them to sleep. Here are some trending designs that you should check out. 

Sea Themed Nursery

A sea themed nursery can be a great idea for your child. With soothing blue and green colors, you can liven up the nursery with a few sea art prints and sea themes pillows and toys. Look for decor items for the nursery that are modeled like marine creatures, shells, and corals. Add a baby swing in the shape of a boat and you’ll have the perfect room for your kid. 

Adventure themed nursery

Having an adventure theme in your baby’s nursery is a great way to stimulate their senses and fuel their curiosity for exploration and new things. Add a textured wallpaper that’s still soft to touch and a polished wooden crib along with a soft fur rug and pillows. The different textures will engage their sense of touch and they can quickly begin to understand their environment. Paint the walls beige and add lamps and lights that will enhance the look of the room.

Nature inspired nursery

Another great way to aid your baby’s mental and cognitive development is to build a nursery inspired by nature. Add a crib and leave enough room in the nursery for the baby to crawl and add non toxic plants on a height. Being surrounded by plants and colors inspired by nature is known to have a calming effect on children and adults likewise. Add green and browns in the furniture and walls or select a wallpaper with palm trees or big leaves on it. 

Night sky themed nursery

For a chic looking nursery, you can go for the night sky theme. Add a beige crib and a rug for starters and then begin to add things like stars and moon wallpaper, glow-in-the-dark ceiling stickers in the shape of stars and decor inspired by the night sky, such as hanging toys and mobiles. Not only will the stickers entertain your child, the cozy environment will help them fall asleep quicker. 

Circus inspired nursery

For a more whimsical and bright approach, you can go for the circus themed nursery look. With the ceiling painted in stripes of red and white, you can have a low beige wooden crib with a tent-like covering around it. Add circus inspired decor such as bright toys and some fun circus wallpaper and you’ll have a bright nursery that will lift up your toddler’s spirits. Moreover, it is a great way to start teaching them about animals. 

These are some of the trending nursery ideas that you can go with. With the help of an interior designer, you can also design something that is particularly curated for your specific tatses. 

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