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V For Vendetta Full Movie Download in Hindi

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The world is in turmoil, with the United States fractured as a result of a second civil war and a pandemic of the “St. Mary’s Virus” ravaging Europe. The United Kingdom is ruled as a Nordic supremacist and neo-fascist police state by the Norsefire Party, helmed by all-powerful High Chancellor Adam Sutler. Political opponents, immigrants, Jews, Muslims, atheists, homosexuals, and other “undesirables” are imprisoned and executed.

On November 4, a vigilante in a Guy Fawkes mask, “V,” rescues Evey Hammond, an employee of state-run British Television Network, from members of the “Fingermen” secret police. After the stroke of midnight, they watch his demolition of the Old Bailey, accompanied by fireworks and the “1812 Overture”.

Inspector Finch of Scotland Yard investigates V’s activities. V hijacks a BTN broadcast to claim responsibility for the destruction, encouraging the people of Britain to rebel against their government and meet him on next year’s Guy Fawkes Night outside the Houses of Parliament. The police attempt to capture V. Evey helps him escape but is knocked unconscious.

V takes Evey to his home, where she is told she must remain for one year. V kills Lewis Prothero, Norsefire’s chief propagandist, and Anthony Lilliman, the Bishop of London. Evey offers to help but escapes to the home of her boss, talk show host Gordon Deitrich. In return for Evey trusting him, Gordon reveals subversive paintings, an antique Quran, and homoerotic photographs. V confronts Dr. Delia Surridge, who experimented on him and others at Larkhill concentration camp twenty years earlier; seeing her genuine remorse, he kills her painlessly.

After Gordon satirizes the government on his show, his home is raided, and Evey is captured. She is tortured for information about V, her only solace being a note written by Valerie Page, a prisoner tortured and killed for being a lesbian. Evey is to be executed unless she reveals V’s location.

When she says she would rather die, she is released, finding herself in V’s home. V staged her imprisonment to free her from her fears. The note was indeed real, secretly passed from Valerie to V when he was imprisoned at Larkhill. Initially enraged, Evey realizes she has become stronger. She leaves him, promising to return before November 5.

Reading Surridge’s journal, Finch learns V is the result of human experimentation and is targeting those who detained him. Finch searches for V’s true identity, tracing him to a bioweapons program in Larkhill. Finch meets William Rookwood, who tells him about the program. Fourteen years earlier, Sutler, Secretary of Defence at the time, launched a secret project at Larkhill, which resulted in the creation of the St. Mary’s virus.

Creedy, the current leader of the Norsefire Party, suggested releasing the virus onto the UK. Targeting St. Mary’s School, a tube station and a water treatment plant, the virus killed more than 100,000 people and was blamed on a terrorist organisation. Norsefire used the fear and chaos to elevate Sutler to the office of High Chancellor, win an overwhelming majority in Parliament, and profit off the cure for the virus. Although Finch later disbelieves the story after discovering Rookwood is V in disguise, his faith in the Norsefire government is shaken.

As November 5 nears, V distributes thousands of Guy Fawkes masks. Riots begin to break out as the United Kingdom slowly descends into anarchy. On the eve of November 5, Evey visits V, who shows her a train filled with ANFO explosives in the abandoned London Underground, set to destroy Parliament. He leaves it to Evey to decide whether to use it. V meets Creedy, with whom he made a deal to surrender in exchange for Sutler’s execution.

After Creedy executes Sutler, V kills Creedy and his men. Mortally wounded from the hail of gunfire during the battle, V staggers to the tunnel where Evey is waiting and finally admits he loves her before dying in her arms. Despite their earlier experiences, Evey has grown close to V and is visibly heartbroken by his death.

Finch finds Evey placing V’s body aboard the train. Disillusioned by the Party’s regime, Finch allows Evey to send the train. Thousands of citizens wearing Guy Fawkes masks march toward the Houses of Parliament. Without any orders, the military allows the crowd to pass. As Parliament is destroyed, Finch asks Evey for V’s identity, to which she replies, “He was all of us.”


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