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Wish To Buy 4d Online? Everything You Should Know

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When it comes to how one can buy 4D online Singapore, most of the millennials in the present times tend to have no clue at all about the ins and outs of the system associated with it beyond Quick Pick. At the same time, the older generations are considered the law of Singapore casino online.

So here is all that a person needs to know about live casino Singapore and 4D to understand what he is supposed to do the next time he places a bet in a casino.

How to place and buy a 4D bet online? 

In a particular game of 4D, a player has to bet on a number ranging from 0 to 9999. With each round, up to 23 numbers are drawn. Hereafter mentioned are the various types of 4D bets a person can engage himself in:

  1. Ordinary

An ordinary bet is the most common method to play. Each bet tends to cost around $1 each and to bet, and a person will have to:

  • Pick any number ranging from 0 to 9999 and shade it on the slip provided to him.
  • Select the draw days from the given options- Sunday, Saturday, or Wednesday
  • Leave the SYS entry and iBet boxes blank.
  • Choose whether you wish to place a small bet or a big bet. The small bet possesses a higher reward with associated higher risk and vice versa.
  1. System entry

In the amazing world of 4D online, unlike in the case of TOTO, the sequence of the number chosen by you matters. Say, for instance, a person enters 1234, and the draw comes out to be 4321 instead, which will not count. 

A person should pick system entry for entering all the possible permutations of the numbers he picked to cover all the possible grounds effectively. Prices tend to vary depending on the total number of permutations of the chosen number. 

  1. iBet

Choosing system entry might be pricey for some people. So, a person can instead pick iBet as his type of bet if he wishes to stretch his $1 across all the permutations that are possible for the number he chooses. 

It is generally the same when compared to system entry, except a person pays just the standard $1. Although it comes with a downside, his prize money tends to decrease if one guesses the right number. 

  1. 4D roll 

The last type of entry a person can play is a 4D roll. In this, he will have to pick 3 different numbers instead of 4 and mark the place of the remaining number with an R. This R represents any number between 0 and 9. It will cost the person 10 times the bet amount. 

Where to bet? 

A person can place a bet at any of the pool outlets or authorized retailers. People looking for a more convenient way to bet can bet online on any pool’s website or iOS or Android application. Alternatively, one can also call at 6212 0039 to place his bet.


As a casino player, a person might have witnessed the queues that snake all around the block; Singapore pool boasts a crowd far beyond the well-renowned F&B stalls. What are you waiting for? Buy 4D online now; happy betting!

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